Gas selection optimises cut quality

Stainless & Special Alloys

The biggest and most accurate press brake in the UK can fold Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Special Alloys up to 12.5 metres in length. Irvon have invested in the most modern sectional tooling to ensure that wear is spread evenly across the tooling and damaged sections are easily replaced. Our products do not suffer from contamination from carbon steel products and witness marking from damaged tooling is greatly reduced… read more.

Corten Fascia

COR-TEN® - Weathering Steel

Corten is a proprietary weathering steel similar to those listed in EN10025-5. The anti-corrosive properties are better than those found in other structural steels.

Alloying elements form a tight oxide layer or patina that constantly regenerates under the effects of the weather protecting the steel, slowing down the corrosion process. This takes about 18 - 36 months. … read more.

Offshore wind farm under construction

Low Temperature Steels

Many of our customers need components or parts made from steel and alloys that will go on to be used in some of the very harshest environments.

We can provide, from stock, a range of materials that are tested and designed for temperatures as low as minus 50° Celsius. Should we not be able to offer plate from stock, we can source material at shortened lead times from the very best producers in Europe. … read more.

Railway Bridge in S355J2+N

Constructional Qualities

We only source our construction qualities from the best European producers and all steel is certified to EN10204:2004 3.1 or 3.2. This guarantees our customers a high quality product with certification that is relevant to their product.

Irvon supply products to many sectors of the construction industry. It could be architect designed bespoke steel sections formed on our giant press brake and used in the most modern building projects. Or non-standard tubular piles rolled in the country’s biggest plate rolls… read more.

Wear Plate Tipper Body

Wear Plate & Armour Steels

At Irvon we can call on many years experience in the cutting and bending of wear and surface pressure resistant steel plates.

It is not just that these steels require extreme force to bend. Much care needs to be taken in selecting the correct tooling in order that the material does not crack and the widest possible bending radius should always be used… read more.

Stainless Pipework in Production

Rolled and Welded Tubes

Irvon have the biggest and most modern Plate Rolling facilities in the United Kingdom. Our machinery is so powerful that we can roll steel into pipe with wall thicknesses up to 130mm thick. Such thicknesses are not called for too often, but this power does mean that we can roll even very high strength steel… read more.

NAG Material for Sellafield

Materials for Nuclear Power

There can be fewer more demanding industries to work in. Most of the materials used in nuclear fuel reprocessing are stainless steels. Used because they have excellent corrosion resistance properties and stand up well to decontamination processes.

However, the effectiveness of their corrosion resistance properties can be affected detrimentally by contamination from other materials or surface damage and because of this it is important that material is handled properly.

At Irvon all our staff are aware of this and trained to handle material in accordance with Spec.Tech A.0345_1… read more.

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    Irvon, are the United Kingdom’s undisputed leader in steel and stainless steel plate bending and cutting, offering unrivalled capacity and accuracy across the full range of our services.

    We have achieved this through continuous investment in the most advanced machinery and latest technology available. All of our machines are fully cnc controlled and produce parts more consistently accurate than any of our competitors.