Wear Plate & Armour Steels

A wealth of tooling and experience means we can accurately fold or roll steel such as Hardox® & Armox®

  • Armox plate cut and folded for a fighting vehicle.
    Armox plate cut and folded for a fighting vehicle.
  • Armox & Ramor protection plate
  • Hardox & Raex wear plate
  • Hardenable Boron Steel

At Irvon we can call on many years experience in the cutting and bending of wear and surface pressure resistant steel plates.

With the latest CNC controls our machines can be programmed to process even very hard materials with industry leading repeatability from the first to the last part.

We also have excellent relationships with producers both here and in Europe and are able to offer fast deliveries as required.


  • About Us

    Irvon, are the United Kingdom’s undisputed leader in steel and stainless steel plate bending and cutting, offering unrivalled capacity and accuracy across the full range of our services.

    We have achieved this through continuous investment in the most advanced machinery and latest technology available. All of our machines are fully cnc controlled and produce parts more consistently accurate than any of our competitors.