tube profiling

Tube Profiling

The largest tube and pipe profiling service in the UK offers new options to customers in the UK and Europe. With a huge range from 80mm diameter - 2650mm diameter and up to 14metre in length Irvon offer time and cost saving alternatives to companies producing fabricated pipework and vessels. read more .

Plate Rolling

Plate Rolling

The very latest in rolling power and accuracy gives new and better options to customers needing the biggest cans and transitions.

No other machine in the United Kingdom is able to produce parts of this size and quality. The machine achieves this using a patented electronic balancing system that guarantees that the rolls are always parallel within 0.2mm… read more .

Heavy Plate Rolling

Heavy Plate Rolling

The very latest in heavy plate rolling power and accuracy in the UK offers better options to customers needing heavy plate formed quickly and accurately.

No other facility in the United Kingdom is able to produce parts of this quality and range of sizes, including very thick material rolled to both small and large diameters. read more .

Press Braking

Our press brakes are the biggest and most accurate in the country. With a total of 1300 tonnes of force available over 12.5 metres we can fold 20mm thick plate over the full length. Our machines have the latest sectional tooling which evenly spreads wear. Witness marking and contamination is kept to a minimum making us the ideal choice for bending aluminium and stainless steel… read more .

Bevel Cutting Plasma Torch

Plasma Cutting

Our advanced plasma cutting machines are able to cut massive pieces of steel very accurately and with a 30 tonne lifting capacity, we are able to offer.

A 3-d cutting torch is able to cut both positive and negative chamfers even around contours. Ideal for weld preps etc… read more .



Irvon have a range of guillotines from the very fastest to the biggest and most modern in the business. On our most modern machines both the rake angle and blade gap is set by computer, dependent on what metal is being cut and at what thickness. This optimises the cut quality and accuracy.

We even have a unique torsion control feature that supports both sides of the cut preventing twist, even on narrow strip… read more .



Our profiling bed is 25 metres long and when coupled with our 20 tonne cranes it means that we are able to cut some very long pieces of steel. By calling on the relationships that we have built with the best plate producers in Europe we can supply extra long pieces in any grade, avoiding the need for welded joints… read more .


Ancillary Services

At Irvon we offer a range of services and expertise that complement the key elements of our business. Our expertise in these fields has been built up over many years or relies on specialist machinery.

Each of these is complementary with our core business services but can also be purchased as a standalone item in its own right.

Please ask a member of our sales team who will be glad to help you… read more


  • About Us

    Irvon, are the United Kingdom’s undisputed leader in steel and stainless steel plate bending and cutting, offering unrivalled capacity and accuracy across the full range of our services.

    We have achieved this through continuous investment in the most advanced machinery and latest technology available. All of our machines are fully cnc controlled and produce parts more consistently accurate than any of our competitors.