• Remove twist in strip
  • Flatten blanks
  • Mild, stainless steel and duplex
  • Fast lead times
  • Collection & delivery service

To complement our core business of steel and alloy plate cutting and bending, we have developed unrivaled flattening capabilities. This is because by using the flattest products we find that we are able to cut and fold steel much more accurately.

Irvon now offer these facilities for customers to use on a free issue basis.

We have a full range of equipment able to flatten plates up to 20mm in thickness down to small blanks of only 2mm. 

We can even remove twist from sheared strip!

For added convenience, using our own lorries, Irvon can arrange collection and delivery of your material, back to your works on completion.

  • About Us

    Irvon, are the United Kingdom’s undisputed leader in steel and stainless steel plate bending and cutting, offering unrivalled capacity and accuracy across the full range of our services.

    We have achieved this through continuous investment in the most advanced machinery and latest technology available. All of our machines are fully cnc controlled and produce parts more consistently accurate than any of our competitors.