Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

  • Industry-leading press braking knowledge
  • Experience with a wide range of steels and metal alloys
  • Years of experience in highly specialised parts and high-end projects
  • Expertise in 2D, 3D CAD and CAM programming
  • Development of standard, offset and tapered cones and cylinders for pressing and rolling
  • Development of parts with variable curvature, multiple curves and amorphous geometry

Here at Irvon we have developed a strong reputation for our technical capabilities. Built upon years of experience, we are capable of utilising our equipment to its full potential to take on the most challenging of projects. This, along with our modern machinery, allows us to offer superior products made to industry-leading tolerances.

Our knowledge sets us apart when it comes to specialist materials. We can manufacture complicated parts from material such as Armox®, Hardox® and Duplex with greater precision than any competition. The ability to react to any variations in material behaviour quickly during manufacture can be invaluable.

We also have the skills necessary to work out complex bend orders and coupled with the very latest multi axis press brakes we are able to offer pressed sections that our competitors find impossible.

  • About Us

    Irvon, are the United Kingdom’s undisputed leader in steel and stainless steel plate bending and cutting, offering unrivalled capacity and accuracy across the full range of our services.

    We have achieved this through continuous investment in the most advanced machinery and latest technology available. All of our machines are fully cnc controlled and produce parts more consistently accurate than any of our competitors.