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Heavy Plate Rolling

The very latest in heavy plate rolling power and accuracy in the UK offers better options to customers needing heavy plate formed quickly and accurately.

No other facility in the United Kingdom is able to produce parts of this quality and range of sizes, including very thick material rolled to both small and large diameters. Able to roll cans or strakes up to 25 tonnes in weight and from 750mm to 6.5 metres in diameter in material thicknesses to 180mm.

Irvon have unrivaled experience in rolling Stainless Steels & Duplex and our operators have been trained how different materials behave, further, we have dedicated procedures and handling equipment in place to prevent contamination from other materials.


  • Huge capacity up to 3150mm wide x 180mm thick
  • Special plate development & bevel cutting
  • Thick plates rolled to small diameters
  • Working procedures & ITP’s prepared
  • Cone rolling facilities
  • A wealth of offshore & nuclear experience
  • Special roll cleaning & handling equipment for stainless steels
  • Most modern and accurate machines in the UK
  • 25 tonne part capacity
  • Weld preps on all edges if needd, including stainless
  • All standard NDT including ultrasonic, MPI etc
How can we help you?

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