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Non Standard Flat Bars

Flat bars and strip produced in any width or grade up to 8.2 metres long

With the biggest and most modern guillotine in the country Irvon can produce sheared edge flats in all grades including S355 quickly and accurately. We are also able to produce the flats in non standard sizes or lengths saving welding or scrap.

Having computers optimise the angle of cut and blade gap the best possible cut quality is achieved. This stops the fray on the bottom edge of the cut and also enhances accuracy, indeed we can achieve tighter tolerances than those on standard rolled bars.

The computer control has differing settings that compensate when cutting different types of material and even grades. So we are able to produce sheared edge flats in carbon and stainless steels , aluminium and even copper.

A unique torsion control feature is employed when cutting long and narrow strips. This supports both sides of the cut preventing twist. It means we can produce long and narrow strip even in thicker material.

  • Stainless & Mild Steels, Aluminium
  • All grades can be produced including S355, S275, 316, 304 etc
  • Any width produced to tight tolerances
  • Thickness range from 1mm to 13mm
  • Lengths up to 8.2 metres
  • Short lengths to save scrap
  • Fully certified up to 3.2 standard if required
  • walkways
  • stringers
  • silos
  • braces
  • agricultural equipment
  • fire escapes
  • cranes
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