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Special plate development & Bevel cutting

Irvon engineers are able to cut holes and branch joints in carbon and stainless steel plates that have variable-angle bevel cut edges. After forming, the edges of the parts will form the correct and required angle.

Patent Number: GB2522088

So, if a joint between a pipe and a branch requires a constant inclusive angle weld prep all the way around or that a branch fit snugly through a hole before welding, our machines can cut these parts from their parent plates complete with the correct chamfers to naturally form these joints when rolled. There is no need to weld prep any parts after rolling.

  • Weld preps cut while plates are still flat then deform to the correct angle after rolling.
  • Holes cut in flat form that after manufacture are ready to accept through-branches etc.
  • No prepping needed after rolling, even on branches and pipe joints.
  • All materials including duplex and stainless

This new and unique service saves customers many hours of fabrication time and because we cut with the latest CNC Controlled High Definition Plasma machines, holes are rounder and edges have a superior cut quality than those cut manually.

These techniques can also be applied to more complex parts such as branches that join cones and reducers and are not limited to plate rolling. Pressed parts with holes or edges that join to other components can often be cut in much the same way. The more complex your component, the more useful it may be to not have to weld prep after manufacture.

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