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Marking & Drilling


Our advanced cnc plasma machines can accurately mark hole centres and assembly marks prior to cutting potentially saving hours of workshop time and costs.

This can be as simple as a location mark for a lifting lug or perhaps the development of a branch to rolled pipework or a pressure vessel. No matter how complex the development we have the skills to work out the development for you.

  • Drill holes spotted accurately to save you time
  • Location points for lugs marked
  • Holes up to 50mm drilled
  • Cut out and assembly marks etched
  • Part numbers marked to speed assembly
  • Cast & heat numbers etched to guarantee traceability


Following material marking, holes up to 50mm diameter can be drilled anywhere on the component or plate. We have a selection of both pillar and magnetic based drills or rotabroaches available.

How can we help you?

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