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Rolled & Welded Tubes

The most advanced plate forming & submerged-arc welding facility in the UK means we can fabricate pipe, tube and nodes with small diameters and thick walls

Irvon have the biggest and most complete range of plate rolling machinery in the UK. We are able to roll both thick and thin plate into large and small diameter tubes or pipe.

With CNC control we can offer industry leading repeatability from the first section to the last and our operators can produce cones, transition pieces and lobsterback sections as required.

Why not call one of our sales engineers for a competitive price and excellent delivery service.

  • Large Diameter Tubular Piles
  • Rolled & Welded Tubes or Pipe-work
  • Fully Welded As Required, All Codes
  • From 1 metre – 5 metre diameter
  • Up to 130mm Wall Thickness
  • All Grades
  • Excellent Prices & Quick Deliveries
How can we help you?

Please call Irvon Ltd on
+44 (0)1902 354222
or email us at